AT HOME FURNITURE REPAIR -       In-home Furniture Repair Service and Supplies
Services Include
Recliner Repair   Many times the mechanism will be the only thing wrong with a perfectly beautiful piece of furniture.  Over time they become rickety, bent or they just don't line up properly.  We can service, repair and replace mechanisms for most, if not all brands. 
 Servicing and repairing mechanisms, replacing release cables and power mechanisms              
release cable, reclining mechanism,furniture repair, At Home Furniture Repairreplacing power mechanism, reliner parts, furnture repair, At Home Furniture Repair broken footrest, recliner mechanism. reliner parts, furniture repair, At Home Furniture Repair
Framework Repair A broken frame could be a part of your sofa or recliner that is loose, or a noise that it shouldn't be making.  Broken frames usually go with springsthat are popping out and collasped springwork.  We can repair any of these for a very reasonable price.
Example of broken framewoork, but we can fix it all.
broken frame, sectional repair, framework repair, furniture repair, At Home Furniture Repairinside sectional, side panel and frame broken, sectional frame broken, furniture repair, At Home Furntiure Repair
sectional frame repaired, side of sectional re-attached to frame, framework repair, At Home Furniture Repair
Upholstery Repair  Furniture gets a lot of wear and it can get damaged. or is simply uncomfortable? This is no reason to get rid of it. We can fix just about anything. 
Re-stuffing headrests, backs and armrest
re-fill cushions, flat headrests and backs, furniture repair, upholstery repair, furniture refurbishing, furniture restoration, At Home Furniture Repair
This set has gone flat. You can see and feel the board and frame under the surface of the fabricNo support for the lower back, and no where to comfortably rest on this fairly new sofa. (left) Filling for back and headrest is flat.
re-stuffing furniture, upholstery repair, furniture refurbishing, furniture repair, At Home Furniture Repair
This is a very uncomfortable way to relax!
Headrest is not full anymore and armresthas a deep depression near the back. (left) Filling for armrest is flat.
furniture restuffed, sectional restuffed
New life is added to this set. What a great place to rest, relax and recooperate now.
recliner restuffed, arm of sectional restuffed
Cushion Core Replacement 
flat cushion cores, old cushion coresOld and new cores (of poor quality) will go flat and loose resiliency.  When they break down, there is no longer any support for your back or your bottom.  The last thing you want to feel when you are trying to relax are the springs and boards under the cushions. (left) cores that have lost resiliency
new cushion cores, New cushion cores are measured, cut and wrapped with a fresh layer of poly fiber for extra softness and comfort. (left) new cores offer great support for your back
You can choose which density you prefer.  We use a high-quality foam, which ranges from a medium firmness to an extra firmness.  
cushion core replacement, furniture refurbishing
This sectional has just been upgraded with an new set of cushion cores. 
It not only looks more beautiful, but it's  much more comfortable now!
Stitching seams, holes, panel replacement, etc.
~Seams that come undone or pulled apart when moved can be repaired
~Panels that are damaged beyond repair can be replaced
~Rub marks from moving can be removed
~Buttons tightened and replaced, and much more
Leather Color/Restoration
faded leather restorationleather color restored
Before and after (left) of occasional chair. Color 
revived and made to look new and vibrant once 
faded leather sofaleather sofa color restoredBefore and after (left) black leather sofa given new life and appeal with color restoration.
Woodwook Repairs Anywhere from normal use to highly used and damaged wood pieces can be repaired, color-matched and refinished.  We use only the best quality products to do all of our wood repairs.  Refinishing your wood pieces will bring back its natural glow and beauty, so you can enjoy it for years to come.  
examples of wood work
cabinet restorationrefinished cabinets
Before and after (left) 
cabinets refinished to a 
new deeper, richer color 
damaged wood railing, before picture of wood repairwood refinishing, after picture of wood repair
Before and after (left) 
scrape on wood rail was 
filled, touched-up and 
refinished to match 
Wood repairs include, but are not limited to:
Touch-up, dents, scratches, gouges, scrapes, chipping, broken, loose legs and arms, dull, wrong color, drawer out of alignment, missing stain, missing trim, damage from pet, damage from accident, water damage, and much, much more.
We always do our best to solve your furniture repair needs.